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Invoice Number INVOICE-0011
Invoice Date December 16, 2016
Total Due Rs.14,500.00
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2 Domain Name

Domain Name Registration and These both names require renewal every year.

2 Cloud84 SSD Webhosting

Cloud84 SSD Web Hosting is 3x faster than normal web Hosting. Initially we are starting with 2 GB, it can be increased any time as per requirement. Hosting require renewal every year.

1 Standard Word Press CMS

Word Press Content Management System with Any Free Theme with Standard Features. Plus Social Media accounts creation as well as Integration i.e. Publicise & Share

1 Web Server AMC

Annual Charges for Web Server Maintenance i.e. Emails, sub domains, Weekly Backup, FTP accounts etc.

10 Website Support

After website' Design & Development completion 10 Hour Support for website Content Management system for one year. It will not include new feature development for your website (that would be charged extra)

1 Special Discount

Special Discount for Sandiv kalia ji

Sub Total Rs.14,500.00
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Total Due Rs.14,500.00